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John Knight has been in the energy sector for the past 28 years. John started his career managing the regional trading and transportation of finished petroleum products for a privately held U.S corporation. He later worked as a business consultant for Pacific Gas & Electric, one of the largest combination natural gas and electric utilities in the United States. For the past decade, John has successfully formed, launched and operated three different start-ups: all in the petroleum refining and processing space from used motor oil re-refining to combustion fuels formulation and development.


Paul de Fries has been based in Asia for 25 years. Prior to setting up Calyxar Ventures LLC, he owned and operated several assets across Asia and has direct experience in transshipping of bulk products to China and India clients. These operations were capitalized through the formation of limited liability funds, each of which successfully returned high yields to the respective members.

Prior to this, he worked for JPMorgan in Singapore as Trading Head of Dry Bulk and was directly responsible for developing the banks physical in Asia.

Previously as Group Head of Risk at Noble, he was involved with all aspects of the commodity trading business, from quantification of risks, analysis of counter parties, and stream lining of operational processes. This resulted in a full understanding of all exposures associated with the commodity and logistics business. He was directly involved in the purchase and operations of a global agricultural business based out of Europe which later got sold for in excess of USD 2 Billion.